Check the dills 





Night and Day in perfect symmetry, light in ascendancy. Spring in the northern hemisphere. Feeling the vernal substance of today, finding my own balance within the great movement of all things. 

[The atmosphere is thick with change, a precipitation of new opportunities will soon trickle down. Even storm clouds will usher in the flowers.]




Good morning Sun, agent of conciousness, greeter of my awakening. Casting the Earth in beauty and rendering all things visually bubbly, soaked in a bath of light. Bequeathing the world to me through the retina, one particle at a time. Have an amazing day. Live and love mightily, while you’re still able. Madd, fulfilling, indefatigable LOVE.


-Diane Ackerman, A Cosmic Pastoral



“Ok so I walk into a bar with some buddies, and I go to order a drink. Before I can say anything, the bartender looks at me and goes:

‘What is that and why is it in my bar?’

He’s pointing to my suitcase full of thousands and thousands of unopened flowers. So I tell him: ‘These are just… my buds. They won’t be any trouble, they only drink water.’

He replied, ‘I’m sorry but I’m going to have to ask you to leaf.’

That was…


-Black Milk Clothing­čĺÜ