The Elusive Nature of Joy

“Over and over again I sail towards joy, which is never in the room with me, but always near me, across the way, like those rooms full of gayety one sees from the street, or the gayety in the street one sees from a window. Will I ever reach joy? It hides behind the turning merry-go-round of the traveling circus. As soon as I approach it, it is no longer joy. Joy is a foam, an illumination. I am poorer and hungrier for the want of it. When I am in the dance, joy is outside in the elusive garden. When I am in the garden, I hear it exploding from the house. When I am traveling, joy settles like an aurora borealis over the land I leave. When I stand on the shore I see it bloom on the flag of a departing ship. What joy? Have I not possessed it? I want the joy of simple colors, street organs, ribbons, flags, not a joy that takes my breath away and throws me into space alone where no one else can breathe with me, not the joy that comes from a lonely drunkenness. There are so many joys, but I have only known the ones that come like a miracle, touching everything with light.”
-Anaïs Nin


“So if the ques…


“So if the question is ‘Why should we want to control our futures?’ then the surprisingly right answer is that it feels good to do so– period. Impact is rewarding. Mattering makes us happy. The act of steering one’s boat down the river of time is a source of pleasure, regardless of one’s port of call.”

-Daniel Gilbert, Stumbling on Happiness

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“Our strings ar…

“Our strings are tuned to the same pitch as the Earth, our rhythms are as graceful and ineluctable as the four quarters of the moon. We are-every one of us-a force of nature, though sometimes it is necessary to relearn consciously what we have never forgotten; the truant art, the nomad heart. Choose your instrument, asking only: can you play it while walking?” -Jay Griffiths, Wild: An Elemental Journey

(interestingly, the US doesn’t allow this book sold on kindle, so I had to find a hard copy. Evidence they don’t want us leaving the house? All the more reason to GET OUT AND EXPLORE! And btw Im changing my language, the plural of wildernesses is now wilderni, pronounced like octopi ♥)

the eternal search for a scribe

I am an open book. Although, I also happen to be written in an ancient futuristic language that appears upside down and backwards on the page. You must decipher my text and master the art of reading me before you can gaze upon my open spine and understand what has been inscribed upon my papyrus scroll. Perhaps once you have aced my language you may be allowed to pick up my pen and add your own chapter to my tome…